Trask V-Rod Turbo Kits

V-Rod Turbo Kits

Are you ready to transform your V-Rod into a beast on the streets? Look no further than our revolutionary TRASK Turbo Kit – the ultimate performance upgrade for the V-Rod enthusiast!

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Power Unleashed

Say goodbye to stock limitations! The V-Rod, already a formidable machine, takes on a whole new persona with our TRASK Turbo Kit. Bolting on this kit is like giving your bike a shot of adrenaline, catapulting its horsepower from a respectable 100 rwhp to an astonishing 160 rwhp! Picture the thrill of dominating the asphalt with every twist of the throttle – this isn't just a kit; it's a power-packed revolution!

Unmatched Performance

Dreaming of breaking the 10-second barrier in quarter-mile runs? With the TRASK Turbo Kit, that dream becomes a reality. Elevate your V-Rod to a whole new league of speed, making it a 10-second bike effortlessly. The drag strip will become your personal playground as you leave competitors in the dust, and the roar of your engine echoes through victory lane.

Built For Reliability

Reliability is key, and we take it seriously. The TRASK Turbo Kit is engineered with precision and durability in mind, ensuring that your enhanced V-Rod not only performs at its peak but does so consistently. Feel the rush of power without compromising the reliability that Harley-Davidson enthusiasts demand.

Hear The V-Rod Turbo Kit In Action

An Upgrade Worthwhile

The V-Rod TRASK Turbo Kit is an essential upgrade for the dedicated V-Rod enthusiast. With a power increase right out of the box, what's not to love about the V-Rod TRASK Turbo Kit?

Easy Installation

Our 100% bolt-on turbo kits require no modifications to your stock
engine when running 8lbs of boost on 91 octane pump fuel. Simply install our turbo kit and feel the difference.