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Assault Series Risers


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Assault Series Risers

These risers are sure to complement the look of any bike they are bolted on.

Derived using the same style and look from the Trask Assault Series custom bikes, these risers will provide a whole new dynamic to both the look and feel of your V-Twin Motorcycle.

Beautifully crafted and made in the USA these risers are sure to please.

We even sourced out 12pt stainless steel bolts to compete the look to hold the top bar clamp place.

Available in Chrome, Raw or Reverse Cut, these Risers are also available in two inch, four inch, six inch and eight inch, heights, as well as fitments for 1” and 1.25” diameter bars

Starting at $269.95


$269.95 Select options

Trask Assault Series-Assault Charge Hi-Flow Air Cleaner


The Assault Series – Assault Charge Hi-Flow Air Cleaner was designed to give a clean and simple

aggressive look that comes with some very interesting features.

This is not your typical air cleaner. With its clear plexiglass cover, and hidden integrated

breather system, this Hi-flow air cleaner was made to stand out in a crowd.

Made with nothing but innovation in mind this Assault Series product has an even more

originative feature that is sure to separate it from the rest.

Every Assault Charge Hi-flow air cleaner comes with the new Trask Snap in velocity


A Nick Trask innovation, this simple, upgradeable, and interchangeable snap in velocity

stack can be changed quickly, and easily to accommodate different size throttle bodies

in only a matter of seconds.

Clean and easy to maintain, with the ability to provide any bike its bolted on to with an

8-10 horsepower gain over the stock OEM air cleaner, this new Trask Assault Charge Hiflow

air filter, performs just as well as it looks.

Available in Chrome, Reverse Cut and Raw.



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