Assault Charge High Flow Air Cleaner

This is not your typical air cleaner. With its clear plexiglas cover, and hidden integrated breather system, this Hi-flow air cleaner was designed to give a clean, simple, & aggressive look, made to stand out in a crowd. Introducing a new Nick Trask innovation, every Assault Charge Hi-flow air cleaner comes with the new Trask snap in velocity stack. This simple interchangeable snap in velocity stack can be changed quickly and easily to accommodate different sized throttle bodies. Clean and easy to maintain with a rechargeable filter element as well as dyno tested in house producing 8-10 horsepower gains over the stock OEM air cleaner.

  • Proudly made in the USA at our Phoenix, AZ facility.
  • Available in Chrome, Black, Reverse Cut and Raw finishes
  • Fits H-D M8 Touring / Softail Models, Twin Cam EFI Throttle by Wire, & Twin Cam EFI/Carburetor Throttle by Cable

Twin Cam Throttle By Wire
Raw 1010-2048
Chrome 1010-2047
Black 1010-2266
Reverse Cut 1010-2046
Twin Cam EFI Cable
Raw 1010-2051
Chrome 1010-2050
Black 1010-2267
Reverse Cut 1010-2049
M8 Touring / Softail
Raw 1010-2150
Chrome 1010-2151
Black 1010-2268
Reverse Cut 1010-2152


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Weight 15 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 6 in

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Assault Series 2-1 Exhaust


Assault Series 2-1 Exhaust

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Designed from the ground up to look good, sound good, and live up to the Trask Performance reputation for high quality performance products. This dyno tested exhaust system is made from the highest quality 16 gauge stainless steel materials, mandrel bent, and then TIG welded and gusseted for strength. Complete with custom heat shields including safety wired fasteners for a race inspired look. With potential gains from 8-10 horsepower on a stock H-D V-Twin, we are confident you will enjoy the smooth and consistent power band increase this exhaust will provide you.  Proudly researched, developed, and manufactured in the USA at our Phoenix, AZ facility.

  • Available for H-D Twin Cam Dyna & Touring, M8 Touring models, and Evo FXR models.
  • Dyna and FXR fitments work with Mid or Forward Controls.
  • Does not fit Early FXR models with 4-speed transmissions.
  • Straight or Kickout option for Touring Models.
  • Proudly made in the U.S.A.



Qualified Manufacturer Declared Replacement Part for Harley-Davidson Non-CVO, FL Touring Models, Fuel Injected 2007

Qualified Manufacturer Declared Replacement Part for Harley-Davidson, FXD Models, 1991-1994

Qualified Manufacturer Declared Replacement Part for Harley-Davidson, FXD Models, Fuel Injected 2006-2007

Qualified Manufacturer Declared Replacement Part for Harley-Davidson, FXR Models, 1984-1994 and 1999-2000

Additional Emissions Information


FL 07-16 Twin Cam Straight Back 1800-2204
FL 07-16 Twin Cam Kick-out 1800-2205
FL 17-Later M8 Straight Back 1800-2206
FL 17-Later M8 Kick-out 1800-2207
Dyna 91-05 1800-2208
Dyna 06-17 1800-2209
FXR 84-94 & 99-00 1800-2210