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Trask Chin Spoiler

●Hand-laid fiberglass construction with a gel coat finish
●Help fill the gap between the wheel and the front of the frame to add a custom
finishing touch to a Bagger
●Non-Raked styles fit FL Touring models with factory oil coolers
●Raked chin spoiler comes out further and is for use on FL models that have
been raked to accept a bigger wheel; will fit with most oil coolers including
OEM and Jagg
●Include all necessary hardware and grille insert
●Made in the U.S.A.


17-18: TRASK P/N: TM-2100   DRAG P/N: 0504-0306
14-16: TRASK P/N: TM-2097   DRAG P/N: 0504-0271
09-13: TRASK P/N: TM-2061   DRAG P/N: 0504-0255
98-08 TRASK P/N: TM-2075   DRAG P/N: 0504-0256
Retail: $349.95


14-16: TRASK P/N: TM-2099   DRAG P/N: 0504-0282
09-13 TRASK P/N: TM-2021   DRAG P/N: 0504-0257
98-08 TRASK P/N: TM-2098   DRAG P/N: 0504-0272
Retail: $349.95




NON-RAKED (19.5″ × 11″ × 6″)
0504-0306 For 17-18 FLHT, FLHX, FLHR
0504-0254 For 14-16 FLHT, FLHX, FLHR
0504-0255 For 09-13 FLHT, FLHR, FLTR, FLHX
0504-0256 For 98-08 FLT, FLHT, FLHR, FLTR, FLHX
RAKED (19.5″ × 11″ × 11″)
0504-0272 For 98-08 FLT, FLHT, FLHR, FLTR, FLHX
0504-0257 For 09-13 FLHT, FLHR, FLTR, FLHX
0504-0282 For 2014-16 FLT, FLHT, FLHR, FLTR, FLHX


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Weight 10.00 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 15 × 12 in


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