Trask V-Rod Turbo System

Designed for 2002′ – 2014′ Harley Davidson V-Rod’s. (The V-Rod Muscle is it’s own turbo system, This standard V-Rod system will not fit the V-Rod Muscle)

This popular turbo system comes complete with all necessary components needed to turn your stock or mildly modified V-Rod into a TRASK Power House.

Your turbo V- Rod will produce between 160 – 165 HP and 100 – 105 TQ at the rear wheel. The system provides smooth, reliable, streetable performance.

This system includes: stainless steel head pipe w/heat shields, steel tail pipe and heat shield, Modified Garrett GT Series ball bearing turbo w/8lb actuator, Trask high flow intercooler with guard, Trask plenum assembly with billet B.O.V., high flow air filter, billet boost gauge kit, a complete hardware kit, step by step instruction packet install DVD and map CD.

Offered in black on black, chrome & polished and black and chrome.

This system requires the use of a tuning module (not supplied).



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Add A ThunderMax EFI System

We highly recommend that you add the ThunderMax EFI system in combination with any Trask Turbo System so that you can have the ability to control both fuel delivery and timing under Boost.
An ability the OEM EFI system is unable to perform.

Add a 2 Bar Map Sensor (Required if selecting a Thundermax EFI system.)

The 2 bar measures boost pressure, signals the ECM to add fuel and retard timing.
Required if selecting a Thundermax EFI system.


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Standard V-Rod Turbo System

Weight 70.00 lbs
Dimensions 30 × 24 × 14 in


  1. Doug Cutler

    Doug Cutler:

    I’ve had a Trask kit on my ’06 R model for about 5 years now. Nick really did his homework with his parts choices & continues to upgrade his system. He also works continuously with tuner manufacturers trading dyno info to improve the power band. I did the install myself over a day, you can handle it too. If you want more detail, go to, the VRod Forum, to get an answer to any question you might have (I post as Swampboogiedoug). If you want to run with almost anything on the street to over 140mph, seriously consider this. Turbos are the King Kong of power adders and put the least stress of anything on the motor.

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Trask V-Rod Intercooler Upgrade


Trask V-Rod Intercooler Upgrade

Upgrade your Trask Turbo Kit on your V-Rod with a Trask intercooler upgrade.

By adding an intercooler to your Trask turbo kit you will gain even more horsepower by increasing the density of the air going into your engine.

Installation is clean and add’s a new dynamic to the look and feel of your Turbo V-Rod

Kit contains all the hardware and instruction for an easy installation.