Trask Assault Bikes

Assault Series Bikes

Raising the bar on the definition of Performance Bagger.

The Ultimate Bagger

TRASK Performance has set the bar high for what it truly means to be a "Performance Bagger". Blistering speed and power, weight-saving carbon fiber body and wheels, and superior brakes and suspension, will make you think twice that what you’re riding is actually a Harley-Davidson. These motorcycles, handcrafted and exclusive pieces, are truly something to behold.

Unrivaled Power by Trask Performance

Unrivaled Power, Precision, and Style

The embodiment of power, precision, and unrivaled style each TRASK Assault Series bike undergoes a meticulous transformation, shaping it into a distinctive creation, born to dominate the roads. Welcome to the realm where Performance Baggers are not just redefined but meticulously crafted into a league of their own.

Built, Not Bought

Each bike enters our shop as a Road King, where it is completely stripped down, and begins its painstaking journey to be rebuilt from the frame-up. The frame is then heavily modified to meet our exact specifications for every Assault Series build. All other aspects of the motorcycle must be either modified or replaced with our specialized products in order for the bike to be a true Assault Series.

Trask Assault Bikes
Trask White Assault Harley

Unrivaled Craftsmanship

In all of our Assault Series Motorcycles, you see a true work of art with deep attention to detail. The front wheels of these “lay frame” motorcycles, for example, takes days of rigorous machining from a single disc of aluminum alloy; then another day to properly fabricate and fit the distinctive perimeter brake rotor. No expense is spared on these motorcycles, which is why they look and perform the way they do.

Built Masterpieces

From its initial disassembly to final reassembly, hundreds of hours in labor and development are poured into every Assault Series Bike. What becomes of it, is a truly unique and bespoke work of both form and function.

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