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Experience excellence with Trask Performance, the industry leader in turbo systems for Harley Davidsons. Our certified instructors can guide you in the proper installation, tuning, and dyno testing of our high-performance turbo kits. Learn from the best and extract optimal performance from every bike.

Learn From The Best

Trask Performance is the leader in turbo systems and tuning for Harley-Davidsons. Our certified instructors will show you the correct way to install, tune, and Dyno any of our high-performance turbo kits. Get the best possible performance out of every bike, every time.

 In this training course, you will receive two full days of hands-on training at our facilities in Phoenix, Arizona.*†

*There must be at least 3 people signed up for a single date to start a class.

†In order to take this class, you MUST be a Certified Motorcycle Technician working for a business that has access to a Dyno tuning system. This course is reserved exclusively for our dealer group. To become a dealer, click here for more details.

What You Will Learn

  • Turbos vs. other power adders.
  • Picking the right turbo for a bike.
  • Procedures of turbo kit installs.
  • Properly tuning a turbo system to reach its full potential.
  • Loaded Dyno runs with the ThunderMax software.
  • Using ThunderMax software in relation to timing, fuel tables, and AFRs.
  • How to set and adjust boost levels for the build.

What Is Included

  • One-time 10% off any Trask Turbo kit.*
  • Training materials and digital guides.
  • Complementary Trask merchandise included.
  • Complementary lunch for both class days.
  • Experience the power of our Turbo Systems for yourself; take one of our turbo bikes for a test ride!
  • Be listed as a certified Trask Turbo installer on our website.

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* Additional 10% off dealer pricing for any Trask Turbo Kit. Limited to one kit per student.

Cost of class is $1,500 per student.