Become An Official Trask Dealer

TRASK Performance is actively seeking premium dealers to join our dealer network. Our dealers provide the highest level of customer support, actively generate new and repeat sales, and strive to be experts in all areas of the TRASK Performance product range. In order for a dealer to effectively represent the TRASK Performance Brand and its products, they must meet these certain criteria below.


  • Have a working motorcycle Dynamometer on the dealer premises
  • Currently listed as a Motorcycle Dyno Center
  • Have at least one employee actively trained and capable of using the Dynamometer to tune motorcycles
  • Familiarity with the ThunderMax ECM tuner

  • Willing to dedicate a minimum of 4' by 8' slatwall space for a TRASK Performance product wall display
  • Display a minimum of 5 different TRASK Performance products at all times

If interested in becoming a dealer for our Turbo Systems, TRASK highly recommends that a dealer’s technicians go through our “Get School’d” training course.

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