Trask Fury Turbo Kits

Fury Turbo Kits

The Fury TRASK Turbo kit is a perfect choice when you need big power, but also need a kit that doesn’t interfere with a custom stretched tail section. The Fury offers an aggressive sound and look with a tailpipe that turns out before the saddle bag. If you want to add some performance to your Touring model and let everyone around you know you are rocking a turbo, this is the kit for you!

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Unleash the Beast

The Fury TRASK Turbo Kit is designed for riders who demand big power and exhilarating performance from their Touring model. With our turbo kit, you'll experience an incredible boost in horsepower and torque that will make your ride an unforgettable experience.

Aggressively Unmatched

Our kit features a tailpipe that turns out before the saddlebag, giving you an unmatched, aggressive sound that will turn heads wherever you go. The Fury's unique styling and distinct sound, makes it a statement both of individuality and boldness.

Let Your Turbo Roar

With the Fury TRASK Turbo Kit, you'll not only experience the thrill of turbocharged power, but you'll also let everyone around you know that you're riding with the unmatched power of a turbo system.

Hear The Fury Turbo Kit In Action!

Why Wait?

Upgrade your ride to a new level of power and style with the Fury TRASK Turbo Kit. Don't miss the chance to experience the road like never before. Make the bold choice today and get ready to experience the thrill of a TRASK turbo.

Easy Installation

Our 100% bolt-on turbo kits require no modifications to your stock
engine when running 8lbs of boost on 91 octane pump fuel. Simply install
our turbo kit and feel the difference