Assault 2 Into 1 for Indian Chieftain

Assault Exhausts – Where Craftsmanship Meets Performance!

Are you ready to transform your motorcycle into a true work of art, while boosting its performance? Look no further! Our Assault Exhausts are the embodiment of meticulous craftsmanship, designed to set your ride apart and give you a thrilling boost on the road.

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Handcrafted Excellence

Each Assault Exhaust is hand built with an unwavering commitment to quality. The precision of TIG welding and mandrel bending ensures every exhaust is a masterpiece of engineering and design. When you choose Assault, you're choosing excellence.

The Flagship Experience

Our Flagship exhaust system is the perfect choice for riders seeking to enhance both the aesthetics and performance of their motorcycle. It's not just an exhaust; it's a statement of individuality. With its unique styling, the Assault Flagship Exhaust will make your bike a head-turner, setting it apart from the crowd.

Unleash The Roar

The Indian Assault exhaust system is not just about looks; it's about that unmistakable growl. Our carefully designed muffler and baffle are tailored to bring out the true performance of your engine. Get ready for an aggressive yet refined rumble that would make even the most die-hard Harley riders green with envy.

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